Online Courses for Leaders of Video Production Companies

Selling Your Video Production Company

Tim Jarvis brings his 15-years of experience having worked with hundreds of the world's leading brands, marketing professionals, agencies, video production companies and freelancers to the table in order to help you build a lead generation machine that provides a constant flow of long-terms contracts.

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Growing Your Production Company Through Acquisitions

The secret to creating a valuable and enjoyable Production Company, or Freelance Operation, is converting your one-off clients to long-term contracts.

In this course, we take you through the process step-by-step in order to help you achieve that very goal.

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Attracting Investment Into Your Production Company

Follow our tried-and-tested pitching process that returns a conversion rate of over 90% when implemented.  Along with the course training, you'll receive documents, worksheets and templates to ensure that you execute perfectly on what you learn.

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